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Offered for free Offered for free - 27" Sony Trinitron CRT Analog Television

27" Sony Trinitron CRT Analog Television
*Component Video Input (meaning it will work with any DVD or Blu-Ray or Cable box with a Component video output)
*S-Video Input
*2 Composite Video Inputs (one on back and one on front)
*Stereo Surround Sound with built in speakers
*Original Remote included

Purchased in 2002 and working beautifully ever since. If you like/want a CRT television with standard def for VHS viewing or DVD viewing (or for use with a cable box), this is a great television with a great picture. It is in perfect working condition.

Caveat: You will need to come pick this up and take it down a flight of stairs. It weighs about 100 pounds.

San Francisco Inner Sunset District Location


San Francisco CA
United States us flag

Distance from you is ???

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