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Offered for free Offered for free - Surround Sound Amplifier

Skytronics Surround Sound Amplifier

For connecting suitable DVD, Bluray or CD player to home cinema speakers. (Could also be used for Karaoke with suitable microphone/equipment.)

Was bought from Germany, mains plug has been replaced with UK one. Used for about 6 months. Have bought a new one from Maplin because we were having problems with this - interference from other equipment, and unable to adjust volume from remote control. Still works fine if all you want is something to connect surround sound speakers to your DVD player (see notes below about compatibility), and switches off rather than standby if you want to save electricity.

note: takes analogue AC-3 or stereo input (digital co-axial/optical input is not supported - so make sure your equipment has AC-3 or stereo outputs before replying)

note: remote control does not work - volume has to be adjusted with the knob on the front of the unit



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