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Post Ads to Freecycle(tm) and Freegle

We have just launched our latest new feature that allows you to post your EcoBee Ads to your local Freecycle™ or Freegle group!!


Simple, to increase the number of people that see your Ads and therefore help to save the planet quicker!  We know that we aren't the biggest kid on the block and we want to help freeshare as much as possible so posting to your local group makes this better.

  • It also makes your life a whole lot easier! Post Ads on EcoBees and we post it to your local group for you.
  • We'll format the title of your post correctly and add a link to your EcoBees Ad so people can see it on a map and see any pictures you may have posted too.


Whenever you create an Ad on EcoBees, you are given the option via a checkbox to post it to your Freecycle™ or Freegle group.

We even show you a preview of what your post will look like when it is posted.

More eyes mean more planet saving

With EcoBees your Ad can now be seen at…

  • EcoBees
  • Freecycle™ or Freegle
  • your Facebook Wall
  • your Twitter feed

What other site gives you that!?


Freecycle™ and Freegle have more stringent rules than EcoBees, so you should only post your Ads to Freecycle™/Freegle if you know they are not breaking their rules.  For example, some groups don't allow "swaps", "coupons", "help" or "pets" which we do.  It's easy to change your mind because we give you a checkbox to tick or untick.

What does it look like?

screenshot of posting to group

Join Now!

You need to join EcoBees or login to start freesharing the EcoBee way.


If you have any questions or problems using this feature, please contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

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