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Welcome to, a grassroots movement of people who are giving, getting and sharing stuff for free in their own towns.  It's all about reducing, re-using, recycling and saving the planet.  Membership is free!

  Becoming an EcoBee couldn't be easier…

  1. Join EcoBees
  2. Start giving, getting, swapping and sharing stuff for free - you're saving the planet

Welcome to EcoBees

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Welcome to EcoBees, a worldwide movement of people who are giving, receiving, swapping & sharing stuff for FREE in their own towns and cities.

While keeping good stuff out of landfills is a clear priority EcoBees do not just focus on this.  EcoBees have widened that scope to include reusing / recycling / giving anything (as long as it's legal and not weapons) and this includes swapping & sharing such as car pooling… but everything offered must be FREE!

Why Join EcoBees?We've got maps and directions, distance from you to the items, easier ability to add pictures, integration with Facebook, Twitter.  You can search for items in different categories within a certain radius of interest, we'll post your Ads to your Freecycle™ or Freegle group too and we're 100% green.

Find out more about

Before you can start to use EcoBees you need to join the site, membership is free and once you've joined that's it, no groups to join, just sit back and wait for emails or view Ads on a map.

East Herts Council - Recycling Event June 2011

East Herts Council would like to announce that they are having a Free Electrical and
Electronic Recycling Event
at County Hall, Pegs Lane, Hertford, SG13 8DQ, between Wednesday June 8 to Friday 10 June 2011, 7:30am- 3:30pm.

Recycle anything with a plug or a battery.

Havering London Borough - Swap Shop

Havering London Borough would like to announce that they are having a Swap Shop at Romford United Reformed Church, Western Road, Romford, Saturday 21st May 2011, 10am–3pm

A chance to pick up something you need or get rid of something you don’t...all for FREE!

Ads by email

EcoBees are proud to announce our new Ads by email service. This means you can email us your Ads as well as creating your Ads online.

How does it work?

Firstly and most importantly, so that we can validate that you are a member and to match the email to your membership you must send an email from the same email address that you use for EcoBees. You can see what this is or change it using the 'My information' link. Then simply…

  1. Send your email to ""
  2. The email subject line becomes the title of your Ad. You don't need to put "Offered", just the title of your Ad. e.g. "36 inch flatscreen tv"
  3. The email body becomes the body of your Ad. You might want to get rid of any email signatures you usually have.
  4. Click send!

EcoBees in your country

EcoBees in the UK

map showing EcoBee members in UK There are thousands of members throughout the UK!!

Take a closer look at the map to see if there are any EcoBees in your area.  Click the map to view an interactive map so you can find out how many EcoBees there are in your area. If there's not many, join and help to start a revolution today!


We have updated our system so that EcoBees can integrate correctly with Twitter. If you have previously entered your Twitter details in EcoBees, you will need to re-authorise EcoBees so that we can post your Ads to your Twitter account.

You need to login before you can add your Twitter account.


We have spent a lot of time allowing you to have as much control of your email as possible. If you are getting too much email, please read the following to find out how to change your email settings.

Help for changing the distance and different categories of Ads can be found here, this will help you to only receive emails for books, or pets, etc...

You can get help for how to turn on and off different email subscriptions, including switching all email off and just browse Ads on the site.

EcoBees - as Tweeted by Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry the British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger has tweeted about EcoBees. Nothing else to say really, check him out at Thank you Mr Fry, you've got us grinning like Cheshire Cats ;-)

EcoBees - as seen on TV

Thanks to an article on BBC Click [opens in a new window], we are experiencing a LOT of new members and a LOT of new Ads.

Membership has jumped massively over the past 5 hours and it has only just been shown on UK TV this morning.  We expect more members and more Ads.

Please bear with us whilst we deal with all our support tasks and approving Ads, etc.  You may also experience a slower service than usual.  We are looking at ways to speed up our service.

Many thanks to everybody who has joined and shown an interest, together we CAN make a difference!

Post Ads to Freecycle(tm) and Freegle

We have just launched our latest new feature that allows you to post your EcoBee Ads to your local Freecycle™ or Freegle group!!


Simple, to increase the number of people that see your Ads and therefore help to save the planet quicker!  We know that we aren't the biggest kid on the block and we want to help freeshare as much as possible so posting to your local group makes this better.

  • It also makes your life a whole lot easier! Post Ads on EcoBees and we post it to your local group for you.
  • We'll format the title of your post correctly and add a link to your EcoBees Ad so people can see it on a map and see any pictures you may have posted too.
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