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Wanted for free Wanted for free - Midland Doctors Association (MDAUK) would like your old tent for the asian flood appeal please.

Midlands Doctors Association (MDAUK) is a charitable organisation that is a 0% administration charity, we are all volunteers and do not get paid for this work. We are requesting the EcoBees community to donate their unwanted tents. The organisation will use and utilise these for poor homeless people to reside in and to administer vital medical care in. We are currently working in many areas that have had no vital supplies delivered to and are cut off from main refugee camps set up by the NGO's or CEO's.

Please log on to the website, to see how the midlands doctors are utilising their limited resource throughout these areas and are attempting to save the lives of the children, adults and the elderly. Therefore please do not through away your old tent and donate it to us. We can use it and put it to good use.

Thank you for your time and reading my adevert for a want but someone else's need. I understand we are not in a position to choose but ideally we would like 4-6 berth tents.

R. Amin

p.s if you can help in any other way do not hesistate to contact me.


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Posted : 10 years 49 weeks 2 days ago (23 Aug @ 02:12)

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