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Browser Problems using EcoBees!?

We interrupt your browsing to tell you about known browser issues especially with Internet Explorer and our recommended browsers.

Recommended Browsers

During our design, build and testing of we have tested on different operating systems and a wide variety of browsers and we have a list of recommended and supported browsers.

The following browsers are FREE and have not given us any problems and they display the site as it was designed to be seen.  Please look at the screenshots below to see differences.

  • Firefox [opens in external window] - available for Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux and others
  • Opera [opens in external window] - available for Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux and others

We understand that people use a variety of browsers and predominantly Windows Internet Explorer, however it does not fit the ethos of the site to spend any more time and associated energy trying to make the site work using Internet Explorer with it's associated bugs and non standard way of displaying web pages.  To make the site work on all browsers is possible but only with more time, effort and increased carbon footprint, however we at EcoBees do not feel that this is justified, it does not fit the ethos of the site, there are other browsers available that do the job much better and are FREE, we would rather spend time developing new features for our users than to make the site look perfect in every browser!

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 6

We have not tested with with IE6.  Unsupported, we recommend for all your internet surfing that you upgrade to a more secure version or install one of our free recommended browsers instead.

Internet Explorer 7

  • We have experienced some display problems using IE7, including blank screens.  Try refreshing the page using the F5 key.
  • Screen displays incorrectly when you are viewing it at a different size other than 100%

Internet Explorer 8

  • Sometimes a complete white screen when trying to get to the site!
  • Scrollbar disappears meaning that you cannot scroll down the page.  We have found no fix for this severe problem!
  • Sometimes video help shows as a blank placeholder and you cannot view video help.  Try and refresh the page using F5 key.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome - Apple Mac OSX

Several severe problem making this browser very unreliable and therefore not supported by us.

  • caching issues - it doesn't get the latest page, but rather shows the page it has kept in memory
  • Sometimes you cannot login
  • Sometimes it appears not to log you off
  • Sometimes you get stuck in a loop when trying to join a group, constantly being asked to join the group
  • You cannot request a new password

Google Chrome - Windows

No known problems and displays as it was intended.


Safari - Apple Mac OSX

The main problem here is that the browser doesn't always display the latest version of a page.  It keeps a copy of pages and shows you the copy instead of the latest version.

Safari - Windows

No known problems and displays as it was intended.


Opera - Windows

No problems using version 10.50, displays as intended.

Opera - Apple Mac OSX

No problems using version 10.10, although doesn't fully display as intended.


No problems on Windows nor Apple Mac OSX, displays as intended.

Screen Differences

The images you see below were taken using Firefox, hover over the image to see the versions displayed by Internet Explorer.  The main differences are an extra blank line at the top of the page in IE and the lack of curves and shadows.  Click the image to see a fullsize version and see the image as it was intended(opens in a new window).

[EcoBees screenshot using Firefox]

The following are screenshots of the Latest Ads section on the right hand side of the screen using Internet Explorer 6.

[Blank Latest Ads section]  [Corrupt Latest Ad section]  [Blank Latest Ads section]

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