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We'd like to help you get the help you need as quickly as possible, so please see if any of the following are helpful before contacting us as it may take us up to 48hrs to reply.


We have spent a lot of time allowing you to have as much control of your email as possible.

Help for changing the distance and different categories of Ads can be found here

You can get help for how to turn on and off different email subscriptions, including switching all email off and just browse Ads on the site.

Don't know how to do something?

Do you want to ask us how to do something?  If you were going to contact us to say "How do I…" then please try looking at our help/faq pages or our video help before asking, you'll find it could be quicker.

Something doesn't display correctly!

If there is something on your screen that doesn't look right, something is not aligned correctly, information is blank or corrupt then you should read about known browser issues.  We don't have the money nor time to make sure EcoBees works on ALL browsers unfortunately, but we can recommend some browsers that work better and they are ALL FREE.

There are known browser issues with Internet Explorer!

Contact us

If none of the above are what you're looking for then please Contact Us.

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