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How do I Browse Ads by Map?

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This is really cool!, browsing Ads by map allows you to see Ads that are near to you on a map!

Things you can do with the map :

  • move the map around by clicking and dragging the map with your mouse or use the arrows on the map
  • zoom in and out
  • change the map layout to Satellite, Terrain or Hybrid(Satellite and Terrain combined)
  • Your location is highlighted with this icon map pin for EcoBee member
  • Offered Ads are highlighted with this icon map pin for offered ad
  • Wanted Ads are highlighted with this icon map pin for wanted ad
  • Several Ads or Users close together are highlighted with this icon map pin for clusters of pins This shows that there are 3 Ads or Users and you need to zoom in
  • hover over a pin and see the title of the Ad or the name of the Group
  • click a pin to see more details about the Ad or Group - click a link to go straight to the Ad or Group

There are several ways that you can browse through the Ads on EcoBees, try them all and you'll find the one that works best for you.

Video Help

Please ignore any reference to groups in this video.  EcoBees no longer uses groups.

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