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How do I Create an Ad?

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This screen allows you to offer something that you have to other EcoBee members or ask for something from them.

Offered Ad
something you have that you no longer want. You are offering it to the group members.
Wanted Ad
something that would like. You are asking for something from the group members.

Creating your Ad

It's so easy to create an Ad, just enter 3 things and you're done!

  1. Title - a very brief description of what you are offering. e.g. 2 seater leather sofa
  2. Ad Category - select which category(or categories) best describes what you're offering.  You can select more than 1 if it's appropriate
  3. Description - full description of what you're offering. You can enter as much detail here as you like, you could give rough times when it is available for collection/delivery too.
  4. Optionally you can add up to 2 photos of your item.

Create new ad screenshot

BE VERY CAREFUL not to give contact details here.  This Ad will be available on our site for everybody to see!!  This means any person on the internet!  You should only give contact details when you have decided who you are going to give the item to(we will include this when the time comes).

Video Help

Please ignore any reference to Groups as EcoBees no longer uses them.

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