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How do I Join EcoBees?

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To join EcoBees you need to supply:

  • A username : that you want to be known as.  This could be a nickname, your real name or just a made up name.
  • Email address : so you can receive notifications of Ads you're interested in or password resets, etc…
  • A password: for obvious reasons
  • Your Address: We only need this so that we can tell you how far away you are from your nearest group and the Ads.  We also show maps showing where Ads are and when you've been accepted and somebody wants to give you something, you know where they live. Only EcoBee Members can see the maps and nobody can see your address except you and
  • Distance : a distance you are willing to travel for Ads.  We will only mail you about Ads that are within this distance of you.
  • A picture : This is also known as an avatar, which is basically a nice picture of you or something that expresses who you are. It's a bit of fun and you don't need to supply one.
  • CAPTCHA : this shows us that you are a real person and not an automated computer program that joins just to spoil things for the rest of us.

If you're worried about any information you are entering, please visit our Privacy Policy to see that we don't use your details for any purposes other than use of this site.

We hope you enjoy your time with EcoBees and hope you enjoy 'beeing' somebody who helps to makes a difference.

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