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Freecycle(tm)/Freegle Posting

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To increase the number of people that see your Ads, we can post them to your local Freecycle™ or Freegle(UK) Yahoo! group for you.  Whenever you create an Ad on EcoBees, you are given the option via a checkbox to post it to your Freecycle™ or Freegle group.  It also helps to spread the word about EcoBees.  Just think about it, you don't need to go to Freecycle™ or Freegle to make your posts… create an Ad on EcoBees and we'll do it for you.

With EcoBees your Ad can now be seen at…

  • EcoBees
  • Freecycle™ or Freegle
  • your Facebook Wall
  • your Twitter feed

What other site gives you that!?

1. Email address of your group

Enter the email address of your Freecycle™ or Freegle group. This can be found at the bottom of the homepage of your group or in the emails you receive from the group(look at the 'To' address to find it).

2. Your email address

This MUST be the email address you use for your group, NOT your EcoBees email address.  This is the email address listed on your Yahoo! Groups page (opens a new window).

If you get this wrong your post will be returned to you and not posted to your group.

3. Your email address

This is the username you use on the Freecycle™ or Freegle group.  This is the 'Yahoo! Profile' listed on your Yahoo! Groups page (opens a new window).


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