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How do I Manage my Ads?

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Track my Ads is the place that you manage all the Ads that you've posted in your Groups.

Tracking and managing your Ads takes 1 of 2 forms :

  • Your Offered Ads : All the members that have asked for your offered item can be seen. You go through the list of people and select the person that you want to give your item to and accept their request.
  • Wanted Ads : You will find all the people that have responded to your wanted Ads, select one from the list and accept their offer.


The thing that may not seem obvious is the Action your Ad section.  This allows you to either select a person from the list(if you have any replies) or change the status of your Ad.

When you create an Ad it is Open and people can request it.  You can change the status of your Ad whenever you want, but you should understand what the various status are…

  1. If you've had no requests to your Ad and you want to take your Ad off the site, you just Withdraw your Ad and it's gone.
  2. If you have at least 1 request to your Ad, you must either Accept a request or you have to Close the Ad(if you want to take your Ad off the site).  When you Close the Ad you will be prompted to send an email to the people who requested the Ad giving a reason why you are Closing the Ad.
  3. The best outcome is that you Accept a members' request.  When you Accept the request and click the 'Action' button, you are prompted to send an email to the member.  At this point you can exchange details and arrange collection or pickup between you.  Your Ad is now at a status of Closed STC, that is Closed Subject to Collection.  At this point nobody else can request your Ad.  When the item is collected, you can change the status to Closed.
  4. If the person fails to collect the item, you can either Close the Ad, effectively taking it off the site, or you can choose to Re-Open it and give it to somebody else or accept new requests.

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