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How do I Track my Requests?

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This screen shows a list of requests that you have made to other members Ads.  You will have asked for an Offered Ad or you have got something for a Wanted Ad.

The purpose of this screen is to show you the status of your requests.  There are 3 possible states that your request can be in…

  • Unallocated - this means that the member hasn't made a decision yet or maybe hasn't even read their notifications yet.
  • Yes - the member has chosen you and you should expect some communication with them to arrange collection.
  • No - the member has decided to accept somebody else's request instead.  Don't be downhearted, maybe they lived closer, or could collect quicker or other reasons.  There's still plenty of time.

You can also decide to Withdraw your request, for whatever reason.  Just click the Withdraw button and you will be prompted to send a message to the Ad owner explaining that you are withdrawing your Ad.  You have the option to cancel and change your mind and go back to your requests.

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